Terms & Conditions

Pool-Coupons.com is affiliated with pool builders and pool service technicians nationwide. We are able to connect service providers together with customers in our network and pass along whatever customer data is supplied along with our referral ID. The relationship that Pool Coupons has with these service providers allows us to provide the consumer with access to deep savings and discounts to save consumers sometimes hundreds even thousands of dollars. While the discount id identifies us as the referring entity Pool-Coupons does not have accurate or up to the minute data on which sales have expired, have additional terms & conditions associated with them, or apply to specific products, purchase minimums, or can be honored at all unless certain conditions are met by either the service provider or the customer. We strive to maintain accuracy of both our database of current offers but the expiration dates associated with each offer only apply to when these offers will be removed or changed on our website – they do not imply the actual expiration of the offer in question. Pool Coupons is a referral service only and not an actual service provider, we maintain no warranties, and do not personally interact with the customer in any way other than to refer their information to a third party. Service providers are instructed to provide Pool-Coupon referrals with the deepest discount possible – up to the advertised amount if at all applicable to any current promotions the service provider is currently running at that exact point in time.